Analysis of "painting works” for their artistic value

Analysis of "painting works” for their artistic value.

Cycling. glue. Jerzy, lat 7. Youth Palace, Warsaw.

In this picture, Jerzyk wanted to depict himself riding a bicycle, which he recently received. He painted all the important parts of the bicycle. By bicycle, right next to the bike, slightly above the road, boy in standing position. He wears a beret on his large head in profile, the torso is painted in front view, and both hands grow from one shoulder, very long, because they have to reach the steering wheel. Short legs are attached to the trunk, painted in profile.

George couldn't (it would be beyond his age-related abilities) draw a human figure in motion correctly, i.e. riding a bicycle. The child, however, has no resistance, no subject is difficult for him, as long as it is emotionally involved. Because Jerzyk loves cycling, he undertook to paint his self-portrait with joy. He expressed it in a childlike manner in a simple way, a concise composition painted boldly, sparing in color selection, without working out the details, how important, he is almost a dignified cyclist. He's so important, that even a tree placed on the same level, what a bike, is smaller, it does not even reach the top of Jerzyk's head.

Policeman at the crossroads. glue. Jack, lat 8. Youth Palace, Warsaw.

This picture is a typical example, like children, depending on emotional state, freely change the proportions of the presented real objects and figures.

You can see in the picture, how the cop is, in the literal sense of the word, over the road, how big is it compared to cars, with what reverence the child had painted him with all the paraphernalia of power and a row of splendid buttons. The cold color of the uniform perfectly contrasts with the warm colors of the illuminated windows of the houses, with the cars on the right and the base, where the policeman is standing. As an aside, you can add, that the child has already observed the abbreviation of the circle and painted the upper part of the base in the form of an ellipse.

The picture has great decorative value due to the interesting division of the sky, composed of two different blue planes, separated by a thick outline. There are a few clouds in the upper plane of the sky, which are perfectly matched by the rhythmic accents of black wheels of cars on a gray road. The whole composition is compact and beautifully resolved in terms of color.

At the hairdresser. glue. Krzysztof, lat 9. Youth Palace, Warsaw.

The picture is composed of simplified ones, synthetic, and even primitive forms. Chris just showed it, which is important to express the image of a barbershop. A boy wrapped in a white cloth sits on a chair. A hairdresser in a white coat approaches the boy, and a new customer comes in. The wall is divided into two blue stripes, the raw whiteness of immaculately clean canvases is strongly reflected on the ultramarine belt, like a decent barber shop. The faces of the most important people: boy and barber, they are pink, with eyes naively placed in the middle. The face of the entering customer, which is not important at the moment, has a purple tint - further in color. Simplified, severely painted forms are highlighted with a black outline. The composition is dominated by vertical and horizontal lines, therefore it is static, expresses the mood of such an important haircut moment, where you have to sit still. The decoratively painted yellow checkered floor with polka dots contrasts boldly with the whole.

In front of the bookstore. glue. Andrzej, lat 10. Youth Palace, Warsaw.

In the foreground, Andrzej painted himself with his mother, who bought him a book. Can be seen, as Andrew carries her. In the background there is a bookstore window and a saleswoman, who is not busy at the moment and looks out the window. Andrzej's mother takes small steps in a feminine way, he himself is taking great strides, manly. Large forms of foreground people, the wide planes of the street and walls are juxtaposed with a display case with decoratively arranged small items, colored book spines.

Andrzej showed a great sense of colors. How different is the green of the boy's pants from the green of the mother's blouse, how these green colors play with the red dress of the saleswoman. The bright vertical line is not without significance for this composition, contrasting with the horizontal lines of the site.