Paper pulp brooches

Paper pulp brooches.

brooches. From a small piece of paper pulp we make the shape of the brooch in this way, so that it is completely flat underneath. Brooches can be of different shapes: round, oval, rectangular, square, irregular, may be similar, e.g. for flat pebbles, to the fish, flowers. They shouldn't be too big, because they would be too heavy, not pretty. The surface of the brooches can be smooth or carved with a stick.

After the modeled brooch dries, we paint it with colored ink or paints from a button or posters, or glue glue, Finally, we varnish it with a colorless varnish. If we want to get brooches with a strong gloss, we use colorless oil varnish for floors. This varnish dries longer: one to two days. It is better to varnish twice with a thin layer than once, a grubo. When the varnish on the brooches is completely dry, you have to finish them like this, to be pinned. To do this, we attach a safety pin with a small piece of rectangular canvas glued with all-adhesive glue, so-called. cement.