Paper pulp decorative masks

Paper pulp decorative masks.

Decorative masks. We start this activity by talking about masks. The children must have seen the masks before, maybe they made them themselves out of paper for fun. You can tell about the masks in the Greek theater, which served the actors to intensify the expression of certain feelings, such as anger, joy. Finally, perhaps the children saw in the magazines reproductions of exotic masks used in religious ceremonies or war masks, that warriors wear, to appear more dangerous to enemies. These exotic masks are very beautiful, they are works of art and are not at all a faithful imitation of the features of a human face.

Let the children make a mask out of the paper pulp, which will only serve as interior decoration. When modeling the mask, the child does not have to accurately reproduce the human face, let it create something, which only looks like a face. They can also be some "faces” animals, fantastic again.

After modeling the mask, you need to reverse it, carve out a recess on the flat side, so that the mask can be hung on a nail when finished. In the next class, when the masks are dry, it's worth painting them, but before that, it is good to make color sketches of the masks and choose the best one to make. Of course, we do not paint masks in body color, we're just putting together a few colors, again not much. Finally, it is good to varnish the masks in the way described earlier, and when they dry, arrange a small exhibition.

One of the reproduced masks is decorated with hair made of pieces of string.

Masks can also be made of clay.