Paper cups

Paper cups.

Paper cups. We use old paper bags to make paper cups, newspapers, illustrated magazines and colored papers. You will also need flour paste and clear lacquer. We carry out the operation as follows. We show the children the bowl, best folk ceramics. We'll discuss in a short chat, that the bowl is made of clay on a potter's wheel, then glazed and fired in a kiln. In turn, we will tell the children, that we will make paper bowls. Because we will make them in our hands from pieces of paper, it will be difficult to get such a bowl shape, like the one made of clay, wheeled. We have a different material and, apart from our fingers, no tools or instruments. We will try to form cups of any shape, we won't even try, to be round. Then we'll show the kids, how to get started. For this, we take a piece of thicker paper, roughly the size of a hand, tear it in one place from the edge to the middle, slide the torn pieces of paper one on top of the other and glue them together. Like this from a piece of paper, a certain shape can already be obtained from the plane. When the kids do it, have them cover the entire inside surface of the thick paper with small pieces of newspaper torn off. Then have them glue the pieces of newspaper, to enlarge the cup. You have to give it that shape, so that it doesn't turn over. The third layer of the bowl is glued with thick paper again and so alternately, until there are five layers. That's why we have to do it, so that the entire bowl is of the same thickness, otherwise it would be hard to remember, how many layers are glued in each place.

When the children have finished forming the bowls, we will discuss how to finish them. They can be glued with small pieces torn from colorful illustrations. You have to choose them that way, so that there are not too many colors and not to take whole pictures, np. birds, people, flowers. It would be a tasteless bowl decoration. The simpler ideas, the better they will be. Cups can also be glued with small pieces of colored paper, also very simple. The color can emphasize the rim or the bottom of the bowl, you can also put a few circles or stripes in a different color on a single-colored background. You don't have to regret the glue all the time while molding the cups, so that the paper does not protrude from the surface anywhere. The cups can be finished in a different way, they can be painted with thick glue.

After finishing decorating, we leave the bowls for two, three days until they are completely dry and then we varnish them with a colorless varnish. They cannot be used as ashtrays, but you can put wrapped candies in them, nuts, fruits etc.