Cardboard sculptures

Cardboard sculptures.

Bas-reliefs. At the beginning of the class, we conduct a short talk about fair gingerbread, which are sometimes in the form of hearts, animals and people. You can also say about the old Toruń gingerbread from the 17th and 18th centuries, which depicted figures of ladies, knights, kings, saints, carety, horses. The gingerbread was richly carved (extruded in wooden moulds) and then gilded. They were works of art. If we have reproductions of old Toruń gingerbread, we can show them to the children, but after they made bas-reliefs, not before, because the children would be inspired by the forms they saw and start to imitate them, and any imitation is inadvisable, at least in terms of art.

Back to our chat, we explain, that you can form shapes on one plane and then a bas-relief is created. We can make it out of paper pulp. The theme of the bas-relief can be various fairy-tale characters, from literature or some birds, animals etc. The composition of the bas-reliefs may be compact or there may be empty spaces in it, the so-called openwork, as in the reproduced example.

After drying the modeled bas-reliefs, we paint them and, if necessary, varnish them. Suspended on the wall, can decorate the apartment, school hall or hallway.