Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration.

The work and creativity of children can be used when decorating a New Year's tree. First of all, they can make Christmas tree decorations. It's good to organize it that way, Have each class make one type of ornament, np. the first would cut and assemble chains or other easy ornaments, the second class would make ornaments a little more difficult. At the same time, you have to remember, that is not good, when children reproduce ornaments strictly according to patterns, let them bring their ideas, let them build something, let them look for new color solutions. Always remember the main goal - the development of children. Eggshell decorations are very effective, however, you need to think about collecting them much earlier. Suppose, we make fish out of them. Just tell the kids, to stick the head of the fish to the eggshell (truncated cone), tail - not necessarily like that, like herring or carp, can be very fancy - fins, scales, all very colorful, and each child will make their fantastic fish differently. With fourth grade children, you can try to make plastic ornaments, which are sometimes in beautiful colors, put together some planes and lines like this, to create interesting solid structures,, they did not express familiar objects.