Folk creativity in art education

Folk creativity in art education.

Folk art is our great treasure, is part of our national culture, therefore, we have a duty to make it known to children and to show its great values.

At each level of education, it is not difficult to choose the appropriate exhibits of folk art, that will interest children. They can be toys, various carts with horses, birds, baskets, fabrics, cutouts, ceramics, easter eggs. There is no need for a long and exhaustive discussion. Sometimes it is enough to demonstrate the subject of folk art in the lesson, and not only in drawing lessons.

There are many misconceptions about folk art. Don't mindlessly copy it, take some items, which in the folk artist's work are consistent with the purpose of the object, compatible with the material, from which they are made, and with the technique of execution. For example, a beautiful cutout from Kurpie loses its sense, if it is embroidered with silk on a linen napkin. The form of the embroidered parzenica on highlanders' trousers used as a handle of a metal knife to cut books is also an artistic misunderstanding. Any thoughtless transfer of ready-made forms of folk art to other materials, on other items to decorate them”, any serial copying is pseudo-folklore that has nothing to do with real folk art. For this reason, children should not be. so-called. "folk” cutouts, being a simple imitation of the ideas of folk artists. Children themselves have a rich imagination and sense of rhythm and can afford their own original invention. Children's cut-outs or any other decorative works often resemble folk art products, that's why, that children and folk artists create similarly and similarly solve artistic problems, unknowingly.

Another thing, that works of folk art are sometimes an inspiration to create completely new ones, creative art concepts. For example, if fourth grade children sew napkins and design a simple division, then they can emphasize it with stitches, which they will see on folk embroidery. These stitches can be altered a bit, and they will come up with a new idea, some new solution.

Painting with oil paint on ready-made ceramic forms is also a great artistic misunderstanding, np. on grays. Each folk pottery is a finished work, such, as the folk artist wanted to see them. Nothing more needs to be added here, like ,,adorn”. Let's imagine, that someone buying a painting or graphics adds something else to them!