Child's own painting form

Child's own painting form.

The child should acquire more and more accurate and richer own painting form. Concrete help from adults can be, above all, a serious attitude to his work and maintaining his faith in its sense. Encouragement and praise can therefore be good means of influence here. Even then, when we do not really understand the form of the child's speech (especially a small child), seeing his serious effort and enthusiasm for work, we should praise them and encourage them to continue their efforts, and in this way we will help him the most.

Scrawls, child's first drawing attempts.

On the other hand, by teaching or pointing to ready-made examples made by adults, we will harm it, we will disturb his “vision” and undermine his self-confidence.

So let's encourage children to work independently and praise its results. Children themselves learn to express the reality that surrounds them. They should do it like this, how can they.

Cephalopod, first conceptual drawing of the human figure.

Wine school, Of course, approach this issue with more knowledge, but only then, when it has a pedagogue versed in the issues of children's art. In this case, the teacher can develop the child's natural talents, can come to his aid – in times of particular difficulty.

It is not necessary to undertake methodical study in this subject, that the teacher was a professional painter and could do drawing and painting work himself, what the children are supposed to do. But it is necessary, to be so versed in these matters, to understand and feel the creative utterances of the child and not to evaluate them falsely, and did not induce the child to perform inappropriate and bad performances. The teacher should be familiar with the basic issues of the art of painting, with particular emphasis on primitive and contemporary art. Without understanding these things, he will wander and destroy the child's most beautiful possibilities, and even, reversing the values ​​of the item, it will manipulate the child and discourage him from creative work.

As long as the school does not have a pedagogue versed in these matters, does not position the item properly.

The school should not require children to see reality "through the teacher's eyes", and also should not teach the conceptless, of the subject playback. The child's own conception is the main point of the question.

Picture, which was created on the principle of repeating the drawing concept of a human figure. Visible emerging individual differences of individual characters and the maturation of the concept.

Extreme caution is advised in such a delicate matter, which is undoubtedly all creativity, and children in particular. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to create favorable working conditions and encourage them without using "teaching", which fails in this case.

A child has its own world of experiences and imaginations, his utterance is different from that of adults and should remain so.