Corn leaf products

Corn leaf products.

Corn leaf products. In first and second grade, even in kindergartens, children make various toys from dry fruits, sticks and the so-called. forest material. Because these things are quite familiar, we will limit ourselves to discussing the use of corn leaves in art classes with children. They are leaves, which covers the flask with grains. Leaves are good for these classes then, when they are fresh, not dry.

We distribute a few leaves to the children and encourage them, to try to make them some kind of human form, mammal or bird. From one leaf, children tear off narrow strips with their fingers and wrap two or more leaves with them, and then tie, for the assembled form to hold. Such visible bonds are consistent with the material, using corn leaves, and emphasize the structure of the expressed objects. It is also easy to make braids from strips of leaves, which can also be used in composing and assembling a character. When the characters are already assembled, you can give the children scissors and let them trim the ends of the leaves and the ends of the knots. No need to cut forms from leaves, That's the beauty of these figurines, they are assembled from whole leaves of corn. After some time, the figures will dry, they will change color from light green to yellowish and will look very nice hung, e.g. on the Christmas tree.