Paper pulp products

Paper pulp products.

There are different recipes for making paper pulp, which can also be done this way: Small pieces of newsprint are poured with water and boiled for several hours, stirring occasionally. It doesn't have to be done right away, possible at certain intervals, as we are comfortable, np. when cooking meals. When the paper is overcooked, Drain the water and rub the paper in your hands. If we need a small amount of mass and overcooking the paper is difficult for us, lignin can be used, that doesn't need to be cooked, just dissolve it in water. We measure the shredded paper, e.g. cup or glass and put it in a bowl, into which we pour the same amount of paint or carpentry glue dissolved in water. Paint glue is cheaper and easier to dissolve. It is poured into a vessel with water in the amount of approximately ¼ glue to ¾ water, mixes and after one hour the glue is ready for use. To our destination, i.e. for making paper pulp, the glue should have the density of sour cream. Pour the ground precipitated chalk in the same volume as the paper or glue into the bowl. Then all these ingredients, so shredded paper, 1/3 glue dissolved in water and 1/3 chalk, we knead, we knead like a dough and soon we have ready paper mass. It should be prepared before class, a day or two in advance. The mass cannot be stored for a long time, because the glue would ferment, spoil, the mass, moreover, dries up and is no longer suitable for “production”.

At the beginning of the lesson, we put a piece of paper on the paper in front of each child and discuss, what will we do with it. You can do different things.